Yours truly has always wanted to visit a Renaissance Faire.

These outdoor festivals transport attendees back in time to the English Renaissance. Costumed actors wander about, the streets are lined with vendors, and it's not uncommon to see archery, axe-throwing, knight fights...

...and entertainers like Jacques Ze Whipper, a viral performer who's appeared on stage at Renaissance Faires nationwide.

New England has a handful of Renaissance Faires, the most popular of which is arguably King Richard's Faire in Carver, Massachusetts. But that's a bit of a hike for those of us in New Hampshire and Maine.

That's why this writer was immediately intrigued after seeing the below Facebook post. It's an invitation to an all-new Renaissance Faire – The Vagabond's Faire – kicking off next month in Dover, New Hampshire.

According to the event's website, this interactive experience will be unlike your average Renaissance Faire:

For one night, and one night only, I, Queen Madb invite all vagabond's, ne'er-do-wells & adventurers to attend The Vagabond's Faire. Fantastic goods, food, and entertainment await you, but you would do well to attend at your own risk, for fairies and thieves abound in this place between worlds.

With 80+ vendors ("merchants, seers, entertainment, falconry, fire-breathing, and more"), food and drinks, live entertainment, and other festivities, this will be a magical event to remember. Oh, and if you've got a talent you'd like to share with the community, you're invited to perform on stage in the Battle of the Bards for the chance to be crowned Royal Thespian of Vagabonds. How awesome is that?

The Vagabond's Faire will take place on August 10 at Henry Law Park in Dover, New Hampshire, from 12-8pm. You can learn more and purchase tickets here.

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