Cat Does More Than I Can Ever Dream of Accomplishing


Have you heard about Floki the Rescue Cat?  The Top Cat in New Hampshire according to is the hiking phenom cat.  I can imagine hiking with my dog, but I don’t think my cat would be too happy about hiking let alone all 48 of New Hampshire’s tallest mountains.  From the look on Floki’s face, she loves the great outdoors as much as her rescue owner Mel Elam who hails from North Conway.


A Journey of 48 Peaks Begins with One Step


Maybe you are already a fan of Floki and her owner, well, as a cat Dad I can say that we don’t ‘own’ cats, they ‘own’ us.  According to the Adventures with Floki Facebook Page has quite the following.  I must admit, Floki looks like she loves being in the pack and being on a leash.  I can’t get my cat Khalessi to wear a leash.  I put one on and she just lays down and won’t move.  I am very impressed with anyone who is able to complete the 48 peaks let alone doing it with a cat!  I know Mount Washington Observatory recently brought a new rescue cat on staff named Nimbus.  I wonder if Nimbus and Floki have met?


What is Next for Floki and Mel?


There is no stopping them now!  What do you do to top completing the 48 Great Peaks in New Hampshire?  You start working on 52 with a View!  I am going to start following their Facebook page to get some tips on working with my cat to get her to take to the lead like Floki.  I will probably not be able to do the 48 peaks or the 52 with a view but Mel and Floki’s adventures are inspiring.




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