This was my view on I-95 at 2:30 this morning on my way into work.  

Hampton Tolls
Karen's toll commute

The only other vehicles on the road were plow drivers and a tractor-trailer!  I had to get up extra early this morning to make sure I got into work on time.  I took my time and did 35-40 mph the entire time I was on I-95.  Thanks to all the snow plow drivers, sanders, salters and emergency responders for their non-stop efforts to keep our roads safe and clear. Please adhere to the speed limits that are posted on state highways and stay in touch with WOKQ's Storm Watch for the latest news.  Dress warm if you're going out, it's gonna be cold!  A nice day to stay home and sip some hot cocoa! (with fluff, of course!)

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