One of my favorite things to do in the Summer and Fall months is going to any fairs, festivals, or carnivals in the area. Fairs, festivals, and even just local town carnivals bring so much entertainment and things to do year after year.

Going to a fair on a sunny weekend with friends or family can always be a highlight of your week. But let's be honest, there is so much more offered than just rides, entertainment, shopping, and games. I am talking about the food.

Fair foods are some of the best! Yes, they are not always the healthiest of choices, but they certainly are delicious. One thing that you can normally find is just about anything fried, fried dough, fried oreo, fried candy bars... honestly, this list goes on and on for all things fried.

Imagine a place where you could eat all of your fair favorites without having to walk around to find the food stands.

Step right up, because Fest Faves in New Haven, Connecticut, offers precisely that.

With the motto "Carnival Eats and Festival Treats," they offer food to fill you up as well as treats to treat your sweet tooth. Yes, they of course offer funnel cake and a variety of deep fried food (Oreo, Hostess cupcakes, cheesecake, Twinkies, and more), but they also offer many tasty treats for chocolate lovers, like chocolate covered bacon.

Of course, it is not just about the sweets, as you may want something that is a bit more filling.

You can sit down and enjoy lunch before digging into your sweet treat. Fest Faves offers many items for you to choose from, such as buffalo chicken egg rolls, stuffed fried dough (filled with pepperoni and mozzarella), maple bacon donut cheeseburger with fries, and chicken and waffles. And, that's not even all!

Stepping away from food for a moment, just looking at pictures, Fest Faves looks like a fun place to go and take some photos (either of yourself or your food). Once you enter, you will feel like you walked right into a colorful carnival.

Fest Faves keeps the carnival and all its food local all year round! Therefore, it doesn't matter what season we are in, you can still go enjoy a corndog and funnel cake even if there is snow on the ground.

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