This is a hero.  Rochelle Jones is an American Hero and if I met her, she would probably not like to be referred to as a hero but she is selfless and caring and that makes her a hero in my book!

The Portsmouth Police Officer is donating her $300 weekly COVID-19 CARES relief stipend to local charities according to reporting by

She tells “It’s not that I can’t use it or don’t need it, but I can get by without it.  If it means someone goes with, instead of without, then that’s a no-brainer.  I’m able to pay my bills.”

Rochelle Jones has been on the force for 17 years but remembers growing up with a loving, hardworking, supportive family.  She says she and her sister were raised by their single mother, Sharon Rhodes in Portsmouth’s Mariner’s Village, according to Fosters, and she recalls her mother once working 4 jobs at a time to make ends meet.

She is not sharing her story for personal glory; she wants to share her choice so that people know they are not forgotten.

Jones rose up after working many service industry jobs growing up such as grocery store clerk, to washing dishes to prep cooking and serving, the article reported.  She recognizes that she has many friends in the restaurant industry that are suffering from the shutdowns.

Rochelle Jones talked with her mom about her decision to share the stipend and her mom agreed it was a good idea, Fosters stated. She is making donations to those charities and businesses in need in the Portsmouth area only and even shared her email in the article from

Rochelle Jones you are the superhero we need right now, and I salute you.

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