Look, Up in the Sky this July 3rd in Rochester

Fireworks shows are back baby!  The Recreation Department and Rochester Maine Street are teaming up to bring us a firework show this year, according to rochesternhnews.com.

Chris Bowlen of the Recreation Department told the news outlet that “The festivities will be more scaled down this year, due to public health concerns.  We have no plans to scale down the show itself.  The fireworks will be as good as they’ve ever been with a grand finale.”

When and Where this Year?

The Show will start at 7:30 pm with music on the football field at Spaulding High School and a few vendors, according to rochesternhnews.com.  Pack up your lawn chairs and get ready for the show to secure your spot early.

The City of Rochester wants to remind you to leave your pets at home.  Most dogs freak out at fireworks and no pets are allowed on the school grounds.  Keep your pet llama at home.  No pets mean no pets.

Not Just About the Fireworks

While the firework show will be the main event, keep in mind that the Rochester Main Street businesses will be handing out flyers with specials to attract you back to the Main Street business for “Independence Week,” the news site stated.

Jeff Bisson, of Rochester Main Street, says “We are encouraging people to eat and shop downtown before and after the show. This celebration attracts a lot of people and we hope they take the opportunity to see everything we have to offer,” according to rochesternhnews.com.

Enjoy the show!



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