'Tis the season for PROMposals! Props to Spaulding High School student Andrew Trogler for pulling this one off!

Andrew obviously wanted to take his girlfriend Lillie to prom. But instead of just asking her via text he wanted to do something really unique and memorable. He reached out of Officer Plumb from the Rochester Police Department for assistance.

Andrew knew that he and Lillie were going to be heading to breakfast on Sunday morning. So Andrew worked with officer Plumb to stage a traffic stop on Church St. in Gonic which was on their route to breakfast. Andrew had made a sign that said "Prom?" and given it to officer Plumb ahead of time to put on the back of his cruiser. When they were stopped Andrew pointed to the sign and popped the question! Lillie must have been confused or taken aback because it took her a little while to answer. But thankfully this story has a happy ending and she said "Yes!"

Romance is alive and well even in this digital age. Congrats to Lillie and Andrew, we hope you have a great time at prom. And Officer Plumb, how awesome are you?! Thanks for taking the time to help create a wonderful memory for this young couple.

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