Three New Hampshire residents are facing life sentences in the wake of a fatal drug overdose that took place in 2019, according to public court documents.

Two Rochester residents as well as a Dover resident were each issued grand jury indictments this month on a single count of acts prohibited-death resulting, which is a special felony that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The Strafford County grand jury indictments allege the three individuals "acted in concert" and "dispensed a quantity of a controlled drug ... later determined to be ... fentanyl" to a 28-year-old Rochester woman who overdosed on the drug and died, according to the documents.

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The three indicted individuals were identified as Andrew Currier, 49, of Dover, Donald Harriman, 49 of Rochester and Tracy Lee Roy, 49, of Rochester.

Per the documents, the victim was identified as Amanda Morse, 28, of Rochester.

According to her obituary, Morse had four children. The obituary said Morse "passed away unexpectedly at her home, at the young age of 28."

The incident took place on New Year's Eve 2019, according to the indictments, all of which were handed down January 11 and released on Wednesday.

According to case summaries for the three indicted individuals, Roy has an arraignment scheduled in Strafford County Superior Court on March 4, while both Currier and Harriman are scheduled to be arraigned on March 10.

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