Most people think about turkey on Thanksgiving. This year, a family in Vermont was thinking about their peacock...after he ran away with a group of turkeys.

According to WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT, Brian and Rene Johnson reached out to Vermont Fish and Wildlife after their pet peacock started running with the wrong crowd a few weeks before the holiday.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife posted the message on Facebook, and with tongue firmly in cheek suggested perhaps the peacock would have found a different crowd to run with if he knew how close Thanksgiving was.

The Johnson's told the TV station they think the peacock is lonely after its little brother died recently. And the family chickens aren't very good company for a lonely peacock.

Well who could blame him? Haven't all of us ended up with a turkey or two after a tragic event?

There is some good news. Neighbors spotted the bird just down the road, hanging out high up in a tree. While the Johnson family tried coaxing him down, he ignored their efforts....content to spend Thanksgiving away from the family celebration.

Fish & Wildlife says their is no legal issue. So for the time being the peacock will continue hanging out with his turkey friends while his family does their best to bring him home.

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