Salem, Massachusetts has been named one of the top travel destinations by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine according to boston.comConde Nast Traveler magazine is probably one of the preeminent travel magazines in the world.   What better place to spend any day in October than in Salem, Massachusetts?  Travel was very restricted, and many attractions were closed due to the pandemic last year.


Go Early


You can still get that Halloween vibe all through the month of October in Salem.  They have events all month.  There is still a mask mandate on all indoor events, and you might want to call ahead if there is a specific attraction that you have on your must-see list.  They will be limiting attendance at certain events due to social distancing protocols.  Hard to believe the town of Salem welcomes half a million visitors in October.


Wonderful Town for Halloween


Conde Nast Traveler says “Salem celebrates its connection to the occult all month with a program of events, including horror film festivals, seances, and a fair with psychics on hand to read your future.  During the festivities, it’s worth pausing to consider the history of Salem’s witch trials at the 1692 Salem Witch Museum,” per   But if you want to skip the crowds, read the article I wrote last week about Hampton New Hampshire’s own witch, Goody Cole.  Her trail pre-dates the Salem Witch Trials, and you can visit her memorial at Founders Park in Hampton.  That might be a good spot to visit on Halloween night if you dare.


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