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Sam Adams is Releasing a Beer So Strong it's Illegal in 15 States

Sam Adams, the makers at Boston Beer Co. is releasing “Utopias,” according to, and hold onto your bonnets, it’s 28 percent alcohol.

Their special “Utopias” blend is only released every other year so been enthusiasts look forward to this special event.

You won’t be downing a six-pack of this special beer at the next football game you watch.  This is truly a beer for connoisseurs.

Pricey Brew

The special “Utopias” beer will cost as much as a ticket to a football game coming in at $240, according to Patch, and this batch of “Utopias” has been 30 years in the making.

It is aged in wooden bourbon casks and some of this batch has been aged in Sauternes French oak wine casks, the article states. The Sauternes French oak wine casks are supposed to bring out a subtle note of honeyed apricot and caramel.

It is also not something you want to throw in a cooler.  It is to be served at room temperature to really appreciate the flavor, Patch reports.

Where and When Can You Get it?

According to, the brew will be available at specialty wine and beer stores beginning October 11 in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut.

You will have to travel there to get it from New Hampshire or Vermont if you are from our area because it is illegal in those states due to its high alcohol content of 28%.

If this beer is aged for 30 years and costs $240 I don’t think this is a drink you will be slamming down.  It seems like something would savor every drop slowly but be warned, that is a high content of alcohol for a beer.

Bottoms Up beer lovers, enjoy!

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