What’s harder than dealing with a pandemic lockdown might be trying to get a vaccine.  People across the country have been complaining about the confusing process but New Hampshire is about to make it a lot easier.  According to WMUR.com the new Vaccine and Immunization Network Interface, known as VINI, will be ready to launch on Wednesday.  Unlike the federal vaccine administration system, VINI will be far simpler to use.  First, you fill out a pre-registration form then you will receive an email with a link to schedule your appointment.


Teachers, childcare providers, and youth camp staff members will be eligible to sign up on Wednesday when VINI launches.  Gov. Chris Sununu tells WMUR.com “It’s just a world of difference better and simpler than the older system.”  VINI was developed in New Hampshire and will be managed by the state which will mean our state will not have to rely on the federal government for the scheduling and managing of appointments.


New Hampshire is doing a great job of getting shots in arms.  According to reporting by WMUR.com, the chief of the state’s Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, Beth Daly says 21% of the granite state's population has received at least their first dose.  That is fantastic news and makes our outlook for the summer great.  Hopefully, we can get back to normal and I won’t have mask tan lines on my face.  Also, the good news is that the eligibility for the vaccination will be expanding to those over 50 as of March 25 when Phase 2B begins.  If you are having trouble scheduling an appointment, the state advises you to call 211 to get assistance.



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