One of the things I love most about moving into my house in Maine last summer is showing my friends and family some cool spots around the area when they come to visit.

Since I moved to Brunswick last July, I've introduced a couple of different family members to one of my favorite Brunswick breakfast spots, Flip (on Maine Street); I've exposed friends and family to some of my favorite pizza in the area, Pat's Pizza (on Pleasant Street); Mister Bagel (also on Pleasant Street), J's Oyster at the Pier in the Old Port, and Arcadia (just outside of Monument Square.)

But when I had family up to the house this past weekend, I brought them to a place we hadn't gone together yet (but that I've been to a couple of times and loved) -- Sea Dog Brewing in Topsham just over the Frank J Wood Bridge.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Topsham Sea Dog

Not only does the Sea Dog in Topsham have a killer view since the deck extends out over the Androscoggin River right near a waterfall and rapids, but, much like the other Sea Dog locations scattered around Maine and New Hampshire (can't speak for the ones in Florida), it also has a killer menu and beer selection.

But what sets it over the top for me at the Topsham Sea Dog is the staff. Just super friendly from the time you walk in until the time you leave (usually with a full stomach and a box of leftovers.)

The staff is also how I figured out this cheat code to get seated quicker, too.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I should've gotten her name, but I'm an absolute idiot and didn't, but when I brought the family there this past Saturday for dinner, I walked up to the hostess to put our name in. And when she asked for my number to send text updates, I mentioned my area code first since it's an area code from away.

603 area code? It's a 25-minute wait but since you're from New Hampshire, I'll get you seated quicker.

And she wasn't lying, either. Because within 10-15 minutes, we were seated and having our drink orders taken. Now, do I actually think my area code had anything to do with us getting seated quicker than 25 minutes? No.

But if you ever want to roll the dice and try, just give the gorgeous hostess with family in Portsmouth and Rochester, New Hampshire a number with a 603 area code and see what happens.

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