A new rock climbing gym is opening up on the Seacoast in Rye, New Hampshire.

While working out at my gym, Flight House Gym in Rye, I noticed a big opening that was covered with an enormous sheet.

It begged me to wonder, "What's behind the sheet?" It was such a tease.

Here was the view. The blurry section is the big mystery.

Well, it is certainly not a mystery anymore. It is confirmed that that space will be the new Seacoast Climb.

The space is in a shared building with Flight House Gym, New England Pickleball Club, Rinse Recovery, and now Seacoast Climb. The building is in the old skate park on Airfield Dr in Rye, New Hampshire.

Since it is a small space, I am not certain if they will only have bouldering walls or if they have enough space to do aided climbing.

Here is what the space currently looks like.

The orange wall, with the holes for the hand grabs, looks like it will be a bouldering wall.

This is a brilliant idea, and it is really making the building on Airfield Drive a massive fitness/wellness center.

Around the Seacoast, which usually has five or ten of everything within a 20-mile radius, there is currently only one climbing gym. I think there is totally a want and need for another one.

People on the Seacoast care a lot more about their health and healthy activities than other parts of the country. That is why you see so many health and fitness centers, walkers on Hampton Beach, and outdoor enthusiasts living in New Hampshire.

Above is what you can expect at the new Seacoast Climb. I will certainly be looking to get a membership ASAP.

For the latest updates, openings, and more information, check out their website here.

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