This is the cutest thing I have seen in ages. Portsmouth resident Nicole Skees returned to her home with her family after a few days away and got a big surprise. is reporting on the heartwarming story of a harp seal that wanders away from North Mill Pond. Thanks to the folks at the Seacoast Science Marine Mammal Rescue Center, the young seal has found his way back to the water.

Nicole Skees gazed out her backyard and thought she saw a pile of snow but then it started moving and she quickly realized it was a harp seal and he was pretty far from where he should have been. Harp seals are protected wildlife under federal law from people and dogs. Even the rescue team had to take precautions to make sure they were at least 150 feet away from the lost little guy. reports that the Seacoast Science Center sends a team with rapid response time and a plan. The seal is all safe and sound after being coaxed back into the water after chilling in Skees's backyard. Her children Adeline age 7 and Jack age 4 will certainly have a wonderful memory. Thankfully, Nicole knew what to do by contacting authorities. Seals can feel threatened easily by people and dogs. Seals also have sharp teeth they will use if they feel the need to. Happily, this story has a happy ending for all.


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