Wearing a mask just got a whole lot more serious in New Hampshire.  The city of Nashua now requires that citizens wear a face mask when entering public buildings such as grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, or any government building or face a steep fine of $1,000. According to wmur.com reporter Siobhan Lopez.  The order requires individuals who are in public and in situations where they cannot social distance and are over the age of 10 to wear a face-covering or face a fine.  Local public health officials have told wmur.com that the Rule is more to educate the public than to punish them.

They want to heighten awareness that the goal of wearing the mask is to help protect others from respiratory droplets that may contain COVID-19 and that face-covering is the best defense we have at the moment. We are facing a public health crisis that we have not seen the likes of in this country since 1918.  If wearing a mask helps ANYONE, I am all for it.  I don’t see it as taking away any of my civil liberties.  I understand that there are loud voices on both sides of the argument of whether or not to wear a mask and I know that my opinion may not be popular with some, but if I can help even one person than I am wearing a face mask in public at all times.

What if you are shopping for groceries and there is a woman in the store that has a child that is going through cancer treatment?  Would you put that child at risk?  I won’t.  There are too many asymptomatic people shedding the virus.  They don’t even know they are sick yet and they can spread it even just with loud talking.  Trust me, I am a loud talker, I am not taking any chances.  If you were in front of a group of people and knew you had a bad cold would you sneeze on them?  Of course not.  Let’s just act like we all have this virus and wear the mask when we are not able to social distance or are not with those we are in lockdown with.  Wear the dang mask.  End of my rant.



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