The spectacular underwater video reveals how this 15 foot shark got her name!

Meet Freckles! So named by the folks at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who were kind enough to share their video online. Be sure to follow them on twitter (@A_WhiteShark) as they follow Freckles.

Spotted earlier this week off the coast of Cape Cod, this shark doesn't pose a threat to New Hampshire beach goers and despite the tornado watch there weren't any tornadoes this week which means no sharknados either. I can sense your relief.


Okay, tangential overshare: when I was in speech therapy as a kid (and now I talk for a living, go figure), the teacher gave everyone a nickname. Mine was Freckles. That right there is just about everything I have in common with a great white shark. Well, unless the shark also had tubes as a kid and wasn't allowed to swim underwater; I'm guessing that wouldn't have worked out so well for a fish.

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