The story of Fruitloop has pulled on the heartstrings of many. Fruitloop is a senior dog who has spent the last 8 years in a kennel environment. It has been so long since Fruitloop has had a loving family, he probably forgets what it feels like. But he hasn't forgotten how to love and still has a lot of it to give.

The NH SPCA posted this video below in order to spread the word about Fruitloop's quest for a Fur-ever home:

Social media has proved to be a beautiful thing. So many people cared to share the NH SPCA's post about Fruitloop, today we found out he has been adopted.

With nearly 900 and something likes and almost 100 shares, it's safe to say we are all pretty invested in Fruitloops's journey. And just look how happy they all look. It's like they've been a family forever :)

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