Without food or water, some animals didn't make it out alive.

According to NECN, many animals were rescued from dire conditions. The owners of White Gate Critter Sanctuary were reportedly not feeding many of the animals, or providing them with water. The so-called sanctuary in New Hampton featured a wide range of animals, including horses, rabbits, chickens, and reptiles. It was reported many of the animals did not survive the alleged abuse they endured while on the sanctuary.

NECN reported the two owners, Edith Daughen and Nicholas Torrey, were arrested and each charged with 44 counts of animal cruelty. It is not yet known what repercussions they would face if convicted of those charges.

For the animals who survived the abuse, at least they have quickly found a new home. According to NECN's report, a Chichester based animal shelter called Live and Let Live Farm Rescue took in the malnourished creatures.


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