ocean wave during storm

Shark fever is sweeping New England with shark sightings almost daily. I got an alert from Sharktivity that a shark was sighted by a lifeguard and Head of the Meadow beach was closed for an hour on Wednesday.


But the real danger is the water. According to boston.cbslocal.com, a 12-year old boy was pulled from the water at Green Harbor Beach in Marshfield on Tuesday.  Beachgoers noticed the boy was face down floating in the ocean and quickly brought him to shore and performed CPR until authorities arrived and took over.  He was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital.  The boy is in critical but stable condition at last reporting.


Sadly, the sharks are getting all the hype this summer.  Many more people die from drowning than a shark attack.  It’s time to be ever on guard about the dangers of swimming.  Quick action from beachgoers may have saved this boy’s life.  It is unknown the cause, be it an underlying medical condition or a riptide but every precaution must be taken when swimming in the ocean.  Mother Nature’s power cannot be underestimated.  Be safe.






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