If so, it would follow another state already considering the measure.

Most of us are on an unlimited plan, but back in the day, many were on a pay per text plan. If one state has it's way, residents might have to pay an additional fee for text messaging, on top of the "unlimited" plan. It's something the state of California is toying with. According to WMUR News 9, The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is considering the tax to help support their Public Purpose Program, which is used to fund state-mandated gas assistance programs for low-income customers, energy efficiency programs and public-interest research and development.

How much would it raise? According to the article, it could raise close to $45 million for the state. Understandably, wireless carriers are not on board, noting the potential tax would put them at a disadvantage over other free messaging services.

If successful, other states are likely to adopt the law. So, the question is should New Hampshire consider a texting tax?

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