Getting shut out of an item you were after on Black Friday is one thing. If it happens on Cyber Monday, look out. There's next level level of frustration right in front of you.



It's not like you're losing a big screen to a shopper who is a few people in front of you. Plus, you can look back and point to where you might've been in their place, had you not stopped for coffee. Or, someone in the shopping squad wasn't on time, it's their fault you're not going to be consuming media 70' at a time this Christmas. With Cyber Monday, you're just there yelling at a computer. In retrospect, this also isn't out of the ordinary. However, it's not easy to deflect. Like, when i was looking for cycling shorts today. Yes, for myself. Don't pretend you didn't do it. That's another blog for another day.



Being shut out of a website at 9am. The work computer got a longer stare than if I was actually doing work.

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