Brynn and Merrit Dooley are sisters that attend Portsmouth High School. Brynn is a sophomore and Merrit is a senior. Unlike many high school girls, they aren't spending all of their time on Snapchat or updating their Instagram story. Maybe they do those things too but they care about the big picture. They see the harmful things that we are doing to our environment and they realize that if we all just made a few small changes it could make a big difference.

According to SeacoastOnline, Brynn wrote a letter to the city council requesting that Portsmouth High School do away with styrofoam lunch trays and switch over to compostable paper trays. Her sister hopped on board and together they started a petition that received 445 signatures! Portsmouth High School has now officially switched over to compostable paper trays!

When I heard this story, this quote came to mind:

Be the change you wish to see in the world."

You go girls! Continue to speak up for what you believe in! :)

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