Imagine finally getting out after the stay at home order to take a stroll along the beach only to find what appears to be a human skull!  I would have run, walked on water to get away from that thing!  According to, the skull was discovered by Serena Galleshaw who was taking a lovely sunset bike ride. She took a break to stand on the Seapoint Beach and spotted the skull.

According to Serena said, “Something caught my eye in the sand.  I was sort of startled to realize it was a skull.”  Kittery Police Department went to check it out after hearing about it from a reporter.  The skull is made of metal and police quickly determined that you could see machine marks on it, and it was very heavy.  Given how heavy it is, it doesn’t appear that it just washed up out of the ocean.


Since the Seapoint Beach was closed at the time, Galleshaw wondering if the skull was a message sent to keep people off the beach, or a sign or a political statement.  She noted, “Perhaps this is the Maine version of the Florida man dressed up as the grim reaper protesting that the beaches are reopening.”  Whatever the reason for the placement of the metal skull on Seapoint Beach, the Kittery Police Department is keeping it in its lost and found department in case someone wants to claim it.  Did you lose your heavy metal skull on the beach?  Now you know where you can find it.





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