Beauty standards are absolutely out of control, and social media is not helping.

Do you ever see people post photos of themselves on Instagram or Facebook that are so heavily filtered they look completely unrecognizable? It makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, I think we've all thrown a filter on a photo to clear up a big old zit or to make our skin tone a touch warmer. But when someone starts to resemble an anime character rather than a human being, I think it's safe to say the filters have gotten out of hand.

Some people are so desperate to get that filtered look in real life that they are seeking a more permanent solution.

According to research from Boston University, there has been a rise in people requesting cosmetic surgery so their face can resemble their digitally enhanced selves. This condition even has a name; "Snapchat dysmorphia".


YIKES! Suddenly I am terrified to raise a daughter in this social media-driven society. Fully-cooked adults are grappling with their image when these filters are thrown into the mix. Imagine growing up with this technology? We are doomed.

It's super important that parents have a continuous dialogue with their children and remind them that these filters represent unattainable beauty standards. They are not real! It's also important that healthcare providers discuss internet usage with their patients and the influence it can have on their desire for things like fillers, Botox, etc.

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