According to WMUR, Southern New Hampshire University aka SNHU made the decision that their students will continue with remote learning for the Fall semester.

As this starts to happen, of course the question is raised: will the price of college be reduced during this time? Remote learning can't be as effective. Not to mention, there are some subjects that just can't be taught remotely. If you are studying to be a doctor, dentist, etc, hands on learning is a must.

I can't answer that question for other universities. But as far as SNHU, the article stated the school will reduce the cost of classes to the rates it uses for online courses. SNHU already has a very popular online program, one of the largest in the country!

A lot of people feel like it is too early to make this decision. School officials wanted to me make it clear that this is a fluid situation. If public health guidance changes and it is totally safe to open in September, they will adjust accordingly.


My heart breaks for college freshmen who are so looking forward to move in day. They are being robbed of this precious memory and it isn't fair. Damn you Covid-19!!

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