Are you a music lover?

I'm not just talking about your favorite artists or bands. I mean, do you thoroughly love music?

I, for one, do. That is why I try attending music festivals and listening to lesser-known bands. I love to discover new bands, new genres, and new music in general.

You may never hear a song you'd love without experimenting with new bands and artists. My wife and I have two favorite bands. If you told me I would like their kind of music (funky pop rock) four years ago, I would have said you were crazy. But because we gave them a shot, we love them, and continue to see both bands all over New England.

Well, one music company is helping music lovers meet artists – from new and unknown to tenured and wildly famous – with secret pop-up shows all over Boston (and maybe elsewhere in New England).

Sofar Sounds Fever holds the most unique and secretive concert series in New England.

The concept is really cool. The Sofar website will announce a show at a specific location. The locations could range from an art gallery to a rooftop in Boston, Massachusetts.

Each concert has three artists that perform. Here is the fun part: you have NO CLUE who the artists will be ahead of time. It could be a music newcomer, or it could be the most famous artist of the decade.

And the tickets are around $25 per person. So you could pay under $50 to have the most intimate concert with the most famous artist on the planet.

No, they do not announce the lineup the day before or the day of. You literally only know who will be performing if you are there.

So it is kind of a gamble. Maybe it is not your traditional type of music. Maybe it is your favorite type of music. Either way, you do not know until you go. But if you do go, you may just fall in love with a new band.

And they don't just get small local artists. MEGA star Teddy Swims did a session with Sofar Sounds, as did Ed Sheeran.

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