I'm a big fan of ducks.  Even the name makes me smile.  From Daffy Duck to Daisy Duck , Scrooge McDuck...even a Rubber Ducky.

In Memphis, they love ducks so much there's a famous duck walk every afternoon at the Peabody Hotel. 

A truck driver for F.W. Webb must love ducks too! He saw a mama and her babies stranded in the middle of a median in Bedford, NH according to Patch.com.   The road was Raymond Wieczorek Drive which is a busy route that commuters use to get to the airport.

The poor mama and her babies were huddled against the Jersey barrier, according to the article.  The driver pulled over and tried to get close enough to help them.

It's not an easy feat wrangling up ducklings, but the driver got some help from New Hampshire State Police Lieutenant Bryan Trask who saw what was happening and pulled over to help.

The two were able to capture the whole family and deliver them safely to a nearby pond!

FW Webb is also very proud of their driver Bradley, saying on their Facebook page:

"Our truck drivers save the day in more ways than one! So proud to have drivers on the road like you Bradley. #ActsOfKindness"

There are a lot of really great truck drivers who have been working non-stop lately.  Thank you to all of you and great job by Bradley and the New Hampshire State Police.

Those are some lucky ducks!

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