Nothing Says Fall Like the Perfect Pumpkin

What makes the perfect pumpkin for you?  Shape, size, texture? Do you like the ones that have lots of warts or are you the type of person that must have the biggest pumpkin on the block on your front stoop?

My wife is a very talented pumpkin carver.  She carries on the tradition of her Scottish and Irish Grandmothers that delicately carved parsnips along with pumpkins.  To her, the perfect pumpkin must have a flat surface on one side to showcase her carving skills.

Whatever type of pumpkin you are looking for, there are plenty of places in New Hampshire that have you covered.

I found a nice list of pumpkin patches on halloweennewengland.com.

Store or Pick it Yourself?

Do you just like to pop in the local store, or do you go all out and pick it yourself from a Farm?  New Hampshire happens to be one of the states that have tons of great choices for pumpkin picking.

According to halloweennewengland.com, if you are looking for a great family experience for the little ones with a farm, orchard, and pumpkin patch, Butternut farm is a great choice located in Farmington, New Hampshire.  If you are looking for somewhere with Horse-drawn Hayride, you might want to try Applecrest Farm Orchards in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.

Fall Activities and Pumpkin Picking

If you are looking to get lost in a corn maze after you pick your own pumpkin, you can try Trombly Gardens over in Milford New Hampshire.  The Coppal House Farm in Lee, New Hampshire also has a corn maze you can get lost in.  Moulton Farm also has a nice corn maze to get lost in over in Meredith, New Hampshire.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you call ahead to make sure of the operating hours, some of them vary, and some close in rainy weather.  Get out there and find your perfect pumpkin.

I would love to see some pictures of yours.

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