For so many people in Maine, keepsakes are everything. Photos, lockets and rings are all deemed irreplaceable by those who lose them. So what happens if you do lost one of those keepsakes? Well, you hope that someone finds that keepsake and tries mightily to return it to its rightful owner. Which should be great news for a member of the Sanford High School class of 1978 who may have misplaced their ring. It's been found.

Facebook via Mary Lou Bowie

Shared on Facebook by Marie Lou Bowie, she's found a women's class ring that belongs to a member of the class of 1978 from Sanford High School. Bowie shared a photo of the ring but wouldn't share the initials scribed onto the ring awaiting its true, rightful owner. Several commented on her post, including a few members of the class of 1978 who have misplaced their ring, but there wasn't a match made.

Facebook via Mary Lou Bowie

If the person who lost the ring is found, it will mark another memorable Maine class ring reunion. Last February, a woman who graduated from Morse High School was reunited with her class ring from 1973 after it was found in Finland. An individual using a metal detector scavenged and found the keepsake and used Facebook to reunite the ring with its rightful owner. While the Sanford class ring story may not be quite as dramatic, the hope is Facebook can work its magic again.

If you graduated from Sanford High School in 1978 or have a family member who did and may have lost their class ring, contact Marie Lou Bowie on Facebook.

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