Bread, milk, eggs, and a...sand truck?

New England is bracing for a huge storm this weekend. This morning, a suggestion to be "ready for the storm" was taken much too far. It's one thing to  make a run to Home Depot for a five pound bag of salt. An addition trip to the gas station to ensure you have enough fuel for the snowblower is also a smart idea. However, swiping a sand truck belonging to the city of Newton, Massachusetts is not.

However, that's exactly what happened. 

According to NECN, police say a town worker had his sand truck stolen from him Friday morning. The worker was inside a restaurant, and the suspect drove off in his truck. The suspect likely wasn't fully prepared to handle the machine. A short time after stealing the vehicle, the truck crashed on Beacon Street, and then a town worker found the suspect bleeding on Beacon and Washington streets, according to NECN. The suspect was taken into custody.

Panicking for a storm taken to a new level.

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