An 8th grade teacher at Somersworth Middle School in New Hampshire should probably rethink his choice of career. Teachers don't typically give their students haircuts so perhaps a job at a salon would be more his speed.

The teacher allegedly told his student if she didn't stop playing with her hair he was going to cut it off, according to

And wouldn't you know, the student reportedly continued to play with her hair so the teacher allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off a big old chunk of her hair, the news site reported, and the amount of hair was described as a "good 3-inch chunk".

The student's mother is obviously displeased. She doesn't want her daughter around the teacher.

According to the mother said

He missed, I think, three days of school while the internal investigation happened, and now he’s back in school and they put her right back in his classroom,” she said. “So it’s basically a total disregard for her.”

Do you think the teacher should face a more serious consequence?

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