Deviled eggs, scotch eggs and eggs benedict. The innovative egg creations coming out of Sonny's is nothing short of egg-cellent.

First and foremost the rotating selection of deviled eggs at Sonny's is making deviled eggs great again.

Deviled eggs can sometimes get a bad reputation. I have been to a few gatherings where I bring a platter of them and they sit there almost untouched while other "more exciting" dips and treats soak up all the attention.

But there is nothing boring about these deviled eggs with buffalo yolk topped with blue cheese, now is there?

Or this spicy situation topped with dried chipotles is far from a snorefest..

Or these beauties...

You get the picture. Now moving on to the miracles Sonny's makes every Sunday for brunch. Like this masterpiece:

or THIS. I don't know what a Scotch egg is but I wan't it in my belly pronto.

and check out these sunny side ups sitting pretty atop a toasted english muffin with avocado. MAMA LIKES.

Hopefully this blog has proven that a trip to Sonny's will leave you feeling EGG-STATIC. Ok, i'm done with the egg puns....for now.

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