I learned about the existence of soup dumplings a few years ago and my life has been forever changed. When I lived in Boston I would meet Steven for lunch by his office sometimes a) because I like him and b) he worked in Chinatown, so I knew we would get soup dumplings for lunch.

If you are new to the soup dumpling game, allow me to drop a little knowledge on you.

According to Wikipedia, soup dumplings are actually called Xiaolongbao. But Americans definitely can't handle the pronunciation so we stick with calling them "soup dumplings".

They are, in layman's terms, steamed dumplings filled with hot soup. "How does one eat a dumpling filled with hot soup?" one may ask. To which I respond: "very carefully, young grasshopper."

Once I moved to Portsmouth I noticed there aren't a lot of places with soup dumplings on the menu. Actually, I have yet to find one. I am a frequent customer of Anju Noodle Bar in Kittery. Their Ramen is excellent but forgive me if I'm wrong, I don't believe they have soup dumplings on the menu.

The lack of soup dumplings in my life is about to change thanks to Hong Noodle Bar, which has opened in Dover New Hampshire. Andrew Townsend shared this picture on Facebook and people in the comments are all fired up! (in the good way)

Andrew Townsend via Facebook
Andrew Townsend via Facebook

It's where the Dover House of Pizza was on 519 Central Ave. What an awesome location for people who work in or near downtown Dover! Of course they have more on their menu aside from soup dumplings. Check out their adorable website and full menu here.

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