The announcement comes a week after the company reported they had not charged thousands of new customers, due in part to staffing issues.

According to WGME 13, the Maine Public Utilities Commission approved raising the standard offer rate for 2019 from 7.9 cents per kilowatt hour to nine cents. This will be a 14 percent rate hike, and will go into effect next month. If you are a customer who doesn't buy your electricity from a competitive supplier, you will likely be affected.

Reported on the Maine Public Utilities website, CMP residential and small business customers who receive standard offer supply service, the accepted bids result in a new standard offer supply price of 9.0 cents/kWh, which is a 13.7% increase compared to the supply price in 2018. Currently, the average home electric bill for CMP customers is about $88 each month.

We reported last week, Central Maine Power said it hasn’t kept a tally of the uncollected bills and would like to shift the lost revenue to other customers under a revenue stabilization procedure in place with the Maine Public Utilities Commission.


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