It doesn’t look like the ‘band will play on’ in 2020 at Dover schools.  Sadly, as the school will begin with a mostly virtual model for classes, it appears that activities such as sports, cheerleading, and band will be on hold according to  The medical committee working with the Dover School Board made the recommendation advising that students sit out these activities for the coming school year due to the risk of spreading COVID-19. While the school is opening with the virtual model for most, some students, including some with special needs and those that are participating in Career Technical Center courses will be attending in person on a limited basis.

Medical Council member Dr. Skip Small tells the Dover School Board the Medical Council is “fully aware of the tremendous value these activities can have for our kids.”  He goes to say, “However we could not make the case that participation in sports, band or cheering is less risky than in-person school sessions,” according to reporting from  “The virus is spread mainly through droplets; sports cheering and band involve close contact.”  While those activities do include close contact, they are often held outdoors but with more and more colleges canceling sports due to the virus, it seemed that the medical committee advised the Dover School Board to be cautious.

Even with major league sports, who have nearly unlimited budgets for testing and monitoring are having difficulty containing outbreaks.  Smaller school districts just don’t have the funds.  The Dover School board did not hold a vote on the issue this week, but it appears they will take the recommendation of the medical committee. It appears the primary focus will be to get all students back to in-person learning before sports can begin again.  Baseball was such a big part of my school years I can imagine the disappointment these kids have and my heart goes out to them.




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