Ahhh, spring has sprung (kind of).

Listen, New England weather in the springtime is like a fickle mistress.

People use phrases like "Fool's Spring" or "Spring of Deception", because we'll have a week or two of 50-degree weather in early March, and then BOOM. April Fool's blizzard of 1997.

We go from sunny and 60 to crushed with feet of snow, freezing temps, no power, and back to winter.

Although we are officially in spring, the weather in New England around the end of March and the beginning of April is WACKY.

For me, the biggest slap in the face is the temperature in the morning when leaving the house compared to the temperature when you leave work. You check the weather and it says 55 and sunny. But you wake up for work and it's 20 degrees, pitch black, and freezing.

At that point, you can either dress for winter (and sweat on your way home), dress for spring (and be freezing when you step out of the house), or you can pack a small suitcase and be prepared for the whole day.

At any rate, with the wild weather in New England and spring, here are the five items you should probably keep close to your front door.

1. Sunglasses: Spring sun hits different. After grey days, the second the sunshine starts to come out, you're practically blinded by it. Not to mention if there is still snow on the ground, that amplifies the sunshine beaming into your eyes by 100.

2. Automatic Car Starter: Just because the weatherman says it is going to be 60 does not mean it is going to start there. Religiously, the temperature difference from morning to afternoon in spring in New England is about 30 degrees. Warm that car up in the morning if it's 20 degrees. Who cares if it's in April?

3. Rain Jacket or Windbreaker: The weather, as we know, always shifts in spring, especially on the Seacoast. I ALWAYS have a rain or wind jacket nearby.

4. Boots: Flippin' mud season. That's really what spring in New England is. MUD. MUD. MUD. As the snow melts, the ground becomes soggier than a bowl of cereal left out overnight.

5. Snow Shovel: April Fool's snow storm of 1997. It can be 50 or 60 degrees one week and back to nor'easter season the next day. Don't be fooled.

Whatever you call this period of time in this wacky weather season, have these items nearby.

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