Small to medium sized rodents have maple operators scrambling all over Northern New England.

A late start to the season set some maple producers back this season. Now, according to NECN, a booming squirrel population have critters chomping on plastic sap tubing and spouts, greatly altering production.

While damage from wildlife isn't a completely new phenomenon, squirrels have proven to be extra pesky. Ruth Goodrich of Goodrich's Maple Farm in Danville, Vermont told NECN "Occasionally they declare war. And it seems like they have this year." New Hampshire's western neighbor is responsible for nearly 50% of the total maple syrup output in the United States.

To make up for damaged lines caused by squirrel interference, maple producers must trudge deep snow to tap additional trees, and transport the sap from the maple trees or other chewed equipment. A task which has been both time consuming and expensive.

New Hampshire's Maple Weekend is scheduled for March 23rd and 24th.

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