Friday night was game six of the Bruins/Panthers playoff series. If the Bruins lost, they would be eliminated for the season. Tied game. 1-1. Six minutes left in the game.

I was sitting nine rows back from the glass, which is probably an important detail for this story.

With the game tied in the third period, I decided it was time to get the energy up. I stood up out of my seat, waved around my playoff towel, and planned to clap/cheer on my feet for the remainder of the game.

Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Six
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I noticed that popcorn was being thrown all around me. I turned back with a smile. I thought it was just fun, anxious playoff energy. You know, it was a tied game, so we were all stressed.

As I turned back and lifted a beer to give the popcorn-throwers a "cheers", I realized it was NOT as friendly as I thought.

Seven people started berating me. They all claimed that I was blocking their view. Using vulgar language, one man said I needed to sit the (bleep) down. He said it over and over.

I was appalled. It was a playoff game. A tied playoff game. A tied playoff game in the third period. A tied playoff game in the third period with six minutes to play. AND IT WAS AN ELIMINATION GAME.

I snapped right back. I told these seven people to go stand on their own feet if they wanted to see the game better. They couldn't control what I did and how I supported my team.

But was I a jerk? Should I have sat down?

My honest take is that people should do whatever the HECK they want in their seats. If I go to a concert and I LOVE the artist, I am going to stand up and sing and be merry.

This situation, being a playoff game with elimination on the line, seems obvious. But what about "regular" games? An average summer matinee Red Sox game? Or what about a concert?

Does everyone have the freedom to stand, or is it an unwritten rule that it is rude to the people behind you?

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