Wow, when you pursue a career in law enforcement you never know what a workday will bring.

Much to Massachusetts State Trooper Jordan Cavaco’s surprise, last weekend his workday included delivering a baby at the split of Interstates 93 and 95 in Massachusetts, according to reporting by

Just after 7 am on Sunday, Cavaco noticed a car flashing its headlights and hazard lights apparently attempting to get his attention for assistance, according to the news site. Turns out the woman in the car was in full-blown labor!

My daughter just had a baby less than a month ago, and I have to say I wanted no part of the delivery process!  Even with my own kids, I was only in the delivery room for the last child, my baby Tristan who is now 20.

Scary stuff, childbirth but but the trooper was undeterred.  He quickly took out his OBGYN kit and went to work, according to the Union Leader, and with EMS on their way, Cavaco helped with the delivery of a baby girl.

I am grateful that State Troopers are trained for every situation.  I am sure delivering a baby in a car is not something they do more than once or twice in a career, but it must be a very satisfying part of the job.

Congratulations to the mother and baby!  They will surely have quite a story to tell when the little girl gets older about the special circumstances of her birth!

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