The Rochester Fair is scheduled for September this year and Fair leaders are holding out hope that the fair will go on according to While the Stratham Fair and Lancaster Fair has canceled for this year, Rochester Fair leaders are not going to cancel just yet since the Fair is scheduled for September of this year.

It will be the 143rd Rochester Fair. It gives them more time than Stratham since the Stratham Fair was scheduled for July of this year. Nancy Gilbert, a member of the Rochester Fair’s governing board said “Until we have to pull the plug, we’re hanging in. Until (state officials) tell us we can’t have one, we’re still planning it.” In the meantime, they have a contingency plan.  Even if they have to have something like a chain of buses to visit the fair or restricted crowd size, they are trying to find a way to let the show go on.

I hope this shut down ends soon. I really want to see an alpaca! Even if they have to open the fair in some restricted fashion, at least there would be some money coming in to support them and hopefully allow them to survive and go on with the fair in 2021 according to Everyone is feeling the effect of the economy from restaurants to town Fairs.


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