A stolen catalytic converter is like a swift kick to the gonads. According to a recent report by the Congressional Research Service, thieves extract precious metals (rhodium, platinum, palladium) from the converters and sell them on the black market. It can cost the owner up to $3,000 to replace the part. Not fun.
According to the Portsmouth, NH community page, people have been falling victim to this left and right, especially if they drive a Prius.
How can you tell your catalytic converter has been stolen? Your vehicle will make a loud roaring sound that'll get louder as you push the gas pedal.
How can you avoid your catalytic converter from being stolen? Allstate.com had some solid suggestions (some obvious, some very clever):
  1. Park in well-lit areas close to public entrances, and make sure to regularly move your car’s spot or use a closed garage.
  2. Install motion-sensitive lights and cameras in your parking area.
  3. Paint your catalytic converter to deter buyers. Some police departments even offer free programs for painting. Check with your local police department!

I even saw someone comment that they have seen catalytic converters get stolen at trailheads while people hike the White Mountains. UGH!

I hate that we live in a world where this is an issue, but as I'm sure you've learned by now, some people are jerks, so we need to prepare accordingly.

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