Pack the mini-van, because Story Land is having an epic 70th birthday bash this October for the whole family to enjoy.

And when I say "epic", I mean epic. Your kids are going to love this brand-new event.

This is all breaking news, so there will be more announcements in the following months. But this is what we know so far.

According to the Story Land website, Story Land's Happy Hauntings will be taking place every weekend in October of 2024.

So what's happening every weekend? A lot.

Probably the most anticipated thing will be the interactive fairytale trick-or-treat trail. Now, there are minimal details about what this includes, but we can predict.

To me, "interactive" means there will be fairies and other costumed workers helping pass out candy. I'm predicting your little ones will be walking around the small villages in Story Land and collecting candy throughout.

But your kids can go trick or treat anywhere, so what else?

Story Land via Facebook, Canva
Story Land via Facebook, Canva

There is also going to be pumpkin painting in Cinderella's Pumpkin Patch (how cute!). There will also be themed Halloween shows with villains every weekend (spooky).

And since it is a birthday party, the evening would not be complete without some music and dancing. So, Story Land will host a bubble dance party every weekend of the Happy Hauntings month.

Of course, the local favorite rides will be open and operating, like the Polar Coaster and Great Balloon Chase.

For more information, check out the Story Land website, where you can also buy tickets!

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