If you grew up in Northern New England Story Land is a place filled with nostalgia and fond memories. Maybe you now have kids of your own and you keep the tradition alive by bringing them to Story Land! They love it just as much as you did! However, a day at Story Land with your kids is all about your kids. What if you could have a day at Story Land that was all about YOU, just like the good old days! Doesn't that sound awesome?

Story Land hears you loud and clear. Which is why on June 22nd they are hosting an after-hours party for adults only from 6 pm - 10 pm. Let your inner kid rejoice! All the rides you know and love will be ready for you to enjoy. You don't have to share your cotton candy with anyone if you don't want to! And the Facebook event says that it's 21+ which leads me to believe that adult beverages will be involved? PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT!

Tickets go on sale March 15th and they have a special St. Patty's day presale that you should definitely take advantage of! All of the info you need is right here.

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