Under a pilot program, University admissions are eliminating requirement of the tests for students entering in 2020.

According to Fosters.com, the University of New Hampshire is opening up admissions by not requiring the all important academic exams. The decision was made after careful research that included reviewing admissions and UNH first-year academic performance data for previous classes, which showed that high school grades and overall GPA best predict how well a first-year student will do at UNH, per the school’s announcement.

Basically, what it comes down to is if you're a consistently solid student, it's more indicative of how you'll perform, rather than a test score.

Rob McGann, who is director of admissions, and interim vice president for enrollment management told Fosters "The data consistently shows that grades earned in high school over four years bear a much greater relationship to how well a student will do in college than standardized test scores do.”

Students can still include standardized test scores with their application, but there will be no preference given to students who do or do not include them, according to the policy.


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