While the New England Patriots won’t be playing in the Super Bowl, there’s still something for Boston fans: a Hyundai ad. According to adage.com, the automaker released a teaser for its Boston-themed ad, which features four Boston-linked celebrities and plays on the cities' notorious accent.

There are two types of people in the world. Those that watch the Super Bowl for the Football and those that watch for the commercials. According to adage.com, the ad enlists several high-profile celebrities from Boston such as Chris Evans, John Kraskinski, Rachel Dratch and Red Sox legend David Ortiz. The main feature of the ad appears to be the “Boston Accent” and the teaser that was released is called “dialect coach.” In the teaser, Dratch is attempting to teach Big Papi how to speak like a real Bostonian. The scenes were all shot in Boston and directed by Massachusetts native Bryan Buckley. The ad agency is Innocean.

It takes many months to produce a Super Bowl ad and it appears that Hyundai assumed the Patriots would-be contenders, but the ad doesn’t really take sides. The commercial does feature Boston scenery and the Boston accent which I am not sure what all that has to do with the Hyundai cars but the teaser is very entertaining. I mean watching Big Papi attempt a Boston accent is hilarious. Whether you are looking forward to the game or the commercials, better get your chips and dip ready.

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