When I look at this picture I think "come to mama!"

A sushi burrito is like a sushi roll on steroids and that is very exciting to me.

I spent the first two decades of my life being "weirded out" by sushi. I wasn't sure about the consistency or the notion of eating raw fish. My (now) husband showed me the error of my ways and ever since, I have been making up for lost rolls. BRING ON THE SPICY TUNA!

Hopefully, we have all seen the movie Lilo and Stitch by now and we know that the word Ohana means family in Hawaiian. The owners of Ohana Kitchen lived in Maui for a while and decided to bring a little bit of the island flavor to Portsmouth and Exeter. We are so glad they did!

I know we are all annoyed at mother nature right now because she hasn't served up the Springlike weather were all craving. Well, if you visit Ohana Kitchen you will fool yourself into thinking you are vacationing in Hawaii! Problem solved :)

Follow them on Instagram but just so you know, their pics will make your tummy grumble. You've been warned.

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