Noah Schnacky came and performed for WOKQ Sessions and it was awesome getting to know him!

Here are a few fun facts about Noah Schnacky:

  • He was born in Minneapolis, MN
  • He didn't have an alarm clock growing up, he would wake up to the sound of his dad singing Garth Brooks songs
  • He has featured on an episode of "How I Met Your Mother"
  • He hosted a children's radio program on Saturday mornings where he was known as "The Schnackster"
  • He prefers Aladdin over the Lion King because his parents met at a screening of the movie Aladdin. Essentially, he is a result of Aladdin showing Jasmine A Whole New World

Here is a little more intel I gathered on this budding young star. Enjoy 60 seconds with Noah Schnacky:

Check out his new single "Hello Beautiful". It's so catchy, I just love it.

Thanks, for swinging by and performing at our WOKQ Sessions, Noah. When Taylor Swift calls and asks you to collaborate, make sure you remember the little people :)

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