Target has plans for a store redesign and judging from the sketches it's going to be amazing!

If you're one of those Target shoppers who is almost always in a hurry, this redesign will be just what you're looking for.

Target recently announced that it's currently working on 'the company's most ambitious store redesign to date.' The new design will be launched at a store in Texas with another 500 stores to follow over the next three years.

The new layout will consist of one general entrance, another express entrance for online pickup, groceries, a beer and wine shop and self-checkout.

The interior of the stores are also getting a makeover. There are planned upgrades like wood paneling, concrete floors, and more circular, curved aisles with merchandise displays. You can expect an outside area where you can sit and relax as well.

Below are sketches released by Target that show the new designs.

Here's the entrance

Credit Target

Here's the curved ailes

Credit Target

Here's the grocery department

Credit Target

Here's the jewelry department

Credit Target