Just when I thought I couldn't love bagels more than I already do but Bubby's Bagels in Dover, New Hampshire has changed the game. They are back and more colorful than ever with rainbow bagels that the whole family will love!

Bubby's Bagel & Deli via Facebook
Bubby's Bagel & Deli via Facebook

The bagel shop and deli on 33 Chestnut st. in Dover, New Hampshire is open Wed-Sunday 8 am - 2 pm. They don't bake rainbow bagels everyday so keep your eye on their Facebook page to see when they will have them next.

Bubby's bakes more than just bagels. They make corned beef and pastrami that is what dreams are made of. Their secret? They partner with Boston Brisket Company and they take their whole briskets and steam them prior to serving you.

Show your support for Bubby's by visiting them during their business hours You can even buy a stylish Bubby's Bagels T-Shirt! I want one in blue!

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